WP7 Developer Dashboard Updated With Much Needed Improvements

My twitter feed is filled with excited Windows Phone 7 developers within Microsoft and outside. App Hub, the developer dashboard to submit Windows Phone 7 applications for verification received a major update today.

The two widely appreciated feature additions are:

  • Private beta
  • Editing application details

The Private Beta option has been a desired feature by app developers and bloggers. Developers can now allow a set of users to try (and review) their applications before they go live in the marketplace. So far this process needed sharing and side loading of the application file on a developer unlocked phone, which was a hassle.

The second feature makes it easy for application developers to make changes to the application’s listing in the marketplace and description without having to submit a new version. The developer can edit application’s category and artwork. Daniel at WPCentral has listed a few more changes that include better crash reports (critical for developers) and a new layout.

Microsoft understands the importance of developers in the mobile OS race. They have been actively developing and supporting the community. The App Hub update comes after the public beta of Windows Phone 7 Mango which fixes a lot of shortcomings and introduces some compelling features to the phone.

h/t @matthidinger  for the information on editing app details.

Update: Long Zheng has shared details about Private Beta, the beta lasts for 90 days and a developer can share the app with up to 100 users.

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