Some Windows Phone ‘Tango’ Features Leak, Scaling & Fragmentation Begins Early

Earlier today Russia-based Windows Phone enthusiast site—WP7Forum.Ru—shared some features from the upcoming Windows Phone 7 update called Tango.

Tango is the major upgrade between Windows Phone 7.5 (aka Mango) and Windows Phone 8 (aka Apollo). Tango will introduce some interesting features which, I believe, are going to be the first signs of the dreadful hardware fragmentation. According to Svetloyar, Microsoft will:

  • introduce 256MB memory as the minimum requirements, instead of 512MB
  • not automatically sync the camera roll with SkyDrive, images will be sycned when the phone is connected to a PC
  • video streaming will be at 4Mbps (H.264), MSDN document (updated January 13th) says currently WP7 supports a max of 2Mbps
  • allow cameras only up to 3MP, currently, OEMs don’t have to add a camera
  • let carriers & OEMs install 40 apps on the phone, the initial limit was 4. 40 just seems outrageous enough to question

Two interesting features updates in Tango are:


Till Mango, data connection on roaming can either be turned ON or OFF; with Tango, users will have the following options:

  1. Don’t Roam
  2. Domestic only
  3. Domestic + International

MMS Updates: Svetloyar at WP7Forum.Ru says the MMS capabilities in WP7 will see huge improvements.

For scale, there will be wider language support. Low specs and more languages—Windows Phones for developing nations. Yay!

A few weeks back, I explained that Microsoft wants to offer better hardware while keeping the main OS experience consistent; it seems that Tango will let us know if that is possible.


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