Windows Phone Gets Foursquare Menus Before iOS [4th & Mayor Updated]

Last week I wrote about how Foursquare is now expanding and setting itself to compete with Yelp. The Foursquare Explore and restaurant menus features introduced to the web (and subsequently to the Android app) is quite promising.

When Foursquare introduced the restaurant menu feature for Android, I cringed. There was a voice deep down within me that said, “Oh well, WP7 won’t be getting any love soon.” But to my surprise, 4th & Mayor released an update yesterday that brings menus to Windows Phone 7. Within a week of opening push notifications to users with v3.1, 4th & Mayor v3.2 adds restaurant menus & checkins using QR codes.

While Foursquare has an official app for Windows Phone 7, the app isn’t as good as the widely popular 4th & Mayor. The developer behind 4th & Mayor is Jeff Wilcox, a senior developer at Microsoft. For a brief period, Foursquare directed users to 4th & Mayor as the official client. In my opinion, 4th and Mayor is one of the best apps on the platform and probably a superior Foursquare client on any mobile platform.

Timely updates to apps with new features and more apps is what Windows Phone needs.

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