Windows Phone 7 Mango Facebook Check In Integration

At Microsoft’s VIP event for the press several consumer focused features in the upcoming mango update were demonstrated. The event had representatives from the company with prototype devices running the unfinished update on display. The Facebook integration in Windows Phone has been one of the praised features of the phone and with Mango, the integration will include ability to check in using Facebook Places.

The Me tile in the current build of WP7 allows you to update your Facebook & Windows Live status and read your previous updates. In Mango, the tile will be a lot more useful by allowing the user to change their IM (Facebook chat & Windows Live Messenger) status, update their social network status (Facebook & Windows Live) and check in into Facebook Places.

As of now, Twitter integration will be limited to the People Hub, allowing users to read Twitter updates shared by contacts. One of the representatives at the event suggested that Twitter will come back into Windows Live which might allow us to update our Twitter messages from the Me tile too.

Here’s the screenshot of the Me tile in Mango:

2 thoughts on “Windows Phone 7 Mango Facebook Check In Integration”

  1. Hi, l am having trouble with the ‘check in’ feature of the Me tile. I can check in to an existing location, but when I try to “Add a Place” like, for example, Home, I get an error. I click save, then click “post”, and I get the following message:

    Can’t creat place
    We’re having trouble creating this place for you to check in to.

    Has anyone else had this problem or know of a solution? Thank you in advance!

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