Windows App Store Official

We’ve known about Microsoft planning a Windows App Store to distribute desktop apps. The rumors began before Apple announced their App Store for Mac. The Windows App Store is expected to debut with Windows 8 and at the currently ongoing Sinfosky interview at the annual All Things D ┬áconference, an image shared by This Is My Next has confirmed the Store and the icon.

This is the first time Microsoft is showing their metro based Windows 8 interface to the public:

Microsoft has already applied to trademark the icon. Here’s the trademark image:

More details on Windows 8 will follow.


Here’s a higher resolution image of the Metro based Windows 8 (for tablet) interface (Courtesy ATD):

3 thoughts on “Windows App Store Official”

  1. It was just a matter of when Microsoft was going to have an app store. I think that they waited until now because of all the opportunities developers are going to have after the release of Windows 8 with not just the classic desktops apps but also with the new HTML5, Java and CSS that the new operating system is going to support. Now not only big software companies are going to sell applications but also the little people, in the same way Apple is doing.


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