Windows 8 Has A Much-Needed OOBE Tutorial

There are plenty of significant changes in Windows 8, and with change comes a learning curve. As a technology enthusiast who gets excited rather than afraid when presented with change, I even had to take some time to get used to using Windows 8 and its new gestures productively, and this had me a little concerened about how average users would take to the OS.

Obviously, most people don’t know about the Charms bar, or full-screen Metro apps, or the new Start Preview screen (and the thumbnail used to access it, which lies in the area once occupied by the infamous start button.) That being said, I had my fingers crossed that they had some sort of out-of-box tutorial up their sleeves that will acquaint users with these new paradigms and gestures that have been introduced to the operating system, and thankfully, that appears to be the case.

The Verge spotted a post by Darren Baker, who got the RTM bits a little early and wrote about his experience installing it on his tablet. Upon the completion of the installation, he was presented with a tutorial that demonstrated hot corners with both touch — as he had a touch-enabled device, of course — and the mouse.

Apple’s own operating systems as of late have been getting increasingly gesture-heavy, and they rightly have a basic tutorial upon configuring your system that introduces you to these gestures.

It’s quite a relief that they implented this. Users will still be resistant to the change, of course, and people will still have to get used to the new ways of doing things in order to be as productive as possible, but this basic introduction¬†should¬†help prevent people from being completely flustered after booting up Windows 8 for the first time.

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