Metro Inspired Windows Logo In Windows 8 To Replace The ORB

In Windows Vista and 7, Microsoft introduced the Windows ORB in the taskbar. Microsoft is expected to do away with the Start button in their Windows on ARM SKU since, as Paul Thurrott explains, all tablets will have a Start button. While the theory makes sense, it will be a weird Windows desktop. Microsoft is expected to make the bottom left corner into a hotspot to launch whatever is left of the Start Menu aka Charms in Windows 8. The menu as it looks in the Windows 8 Developers Preview:

According to CNBeta, Microsoft will be using a new Windows flag for Windows 8. The new Metro flag is inspired by Microsoft’s Metro design language and here’s what the new Windows flag will look like:

Image credit: CNBeta

The flag faces the left side which seems a little awkward at first (probably because I am right handed?) but if one was to look at the Windows icons since Vista, they face the left too. Back in 2008, Long Zheng asked the question whether the icons faced the wrong way, apparently not according to Microsoft.

CNBeta has also shared a screenshot that shows new icons for Share and Devices.

via: Tom Warren at The Verge



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