Windows 8 Consumer Preview Surpasses One Million Downloads In 24 Hours

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview has hit the 1 million download milestone in only a day since its release yesterday, according to this tweet from the @BuildWindows8 account a few hours ago: “One day later…one million downloads of the consumer preview”.

Now, we must keep in mind that this isn’t a unique count of people that have downloaded the build; if an individual downloaded the ISO several times, these downloads would also be factored into the count. Nevertheless, that’s still an impressive figure, and there’s likely still a good amount of people using the build as we speak.

The Windows 8 Developer Preview — released last September at BUILD — was downloaded 500,000 times in a day, so by this metric, we can say that the Consumer Preview build is experiencing twice the traction. How does the traction of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview compare to that of the Windows 7 Beta? Unfortunately, Microsoft never disclosed the download milestones of it. However, we do know that the Windows 7 beta download was initially restricted to 2.5 million downloads, which Microsoft quickly lifted.

There have been 100,000 changes made in the CP build since the Developer Preview in September, according to Sinofsky. We recently wrote a post that outlines a few of the major improvements in the build, such as system-wide spellcheck and Microsoft Account.

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