Microsoft Shows The Future Of Times Square & Art

Microsoft spared no expense for their Windows 8 launch in New York City. The street in front of their Times Square pop-up store was cordoned off, Times Square is filled with display stations showcasing Windows 8 PCs and tablets by partners, and there were a lot of sales people. As any New York City tourist or local would tell you, Times Square is filled street side sketch artists. Every street has them, and the next one is always right around the corner. You sit on a chair with a consistent facial expression while a guy uses old school pencil & paper to sketch a portrait of you. Then there are the more creative spray painters that will create beautiful portraits of New York using spray paint, it’s just fun watching them do it. So how does the future look like for these creative geniuses? Well, Microsoft’s New York City promotion blitz gave tourists a sneak peak at this:

For those who’ve been following Microsoft, this isn’t new. We’ve seen this before but getting this technology out there, in front of people–showing them what is possible with Windows 8, it’s a statement from Microsoft. Big screen multitouch devices that can be used to create art just like it is done on the street today but with more capabilities because it is all digital, makes a good sales pitch for Windows 8.

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