Windows 8 and Office 15 Screenshots Leak (Metro Theme For Windows 8 Confirmed)

In the past few weeks there have been quite a few posts about Windows 8 and yesterday there were Office 15 screenshots posted on twitter. Rumors of a metro-like interface for Windows 8 have been floating around. There are some interesting UI additions to Windows:

A user’s avatar is shown in the Windows taskbar next to the time. Screenshot:


I’d assume that since the user avatar is being shown in the taskbar it won’t be shown in the Start Menu. The next screenshot shows an update to the Windows Upgrade screen, you can now check the Restart option.


I hope, by not checking this Windows would be less annoying with the restart reminders. A new screenshot was shared today that showed a language browser in Explorer. I’m not sure what it allows you to do, I’d expect system’s language settings to be under a panel, but we could probably install/uninstall language packs easily from here, much like fonts. Screenshot:


One of the features mentioned by   is that Windows 8 will have a restore to factory settings options, an upgrade to the useful Windows restore feature. Coming to the desktop, there is a new Aero Lite theme which is said to be a metro based look for Windows:


The elements in AeroLite have been posted by  AngelWZR at

The wallpapers in these builds are pretty cheeky. They’ve got the text let’s not leak our hard workA high resolution wallpaper is available for download at Deviant ART:


Windows 8 is expected to be available in 2012 and if it follows a release cycle like Windows 7, the RTM builds should be ready by mid-2012 and public availability around the holiday season.

Regarding Office 15, @Sp3c1al5t posted screenshots and a video followed by a review at Other than a new cursor animation, there is nothing new. Tom Warren from WinRumors pointed out a metro-inspired interface look in Outlook. Screenshots:

Word 15


Excel 15


Powerpoint 15


Outlook 15


The M1 tab shows Data Grid which is the same as the Chart menu under Insert in Office 2010. With these leaks, we should expect a build to come out some time soon… on those websites that we shall not name.

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