Video: Microsoft Surface Tablet Event

Earlier today, during the immensely hyped Microsoft event that had the blogosphere speculating since Thursday, the company revealed something big: They’re making their own tablets, dubbed the Surface. And now, the full video of this pivotal keynote has been released on the Microsoft News Center website (and YouTube, thanks to The Verge.)

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Windows Chief Steven Sinofsky both took the stage to debut the device, along with Michael Angiulo, the Corporate VP of Windows Planning, Hardware, and PC Ecosystem, and Panos Panay, who lead the team that created the device. One quote that truly captures how major this is coming from Microsoft is this, from Ballmer:

“It was always clear that what our software could do would require us to push hardware, sometimes where our partners hadn’t envisioned.”

While Microsoft has certainly made its own hardware before — the Xbox and Zune — it has never done so in a manner that encroached in the space of its valued PC OEM partners, who manufacture the very devices that run Windows.

Head on over to YouTube to watch the roughly 48 minute long keynote.

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  • Microsoft Surface Keynote:

    Failed again!

    I really was trying to keep an open mind after the last 30 years of wasted time and frustration Microsoft has given me. So what happens in the video? When they (finally after 13 minutes of speaking) try to show off their new “Surface” tablet PC, it fails to respond properly!

    The man demonstrating it says he is browsing with Internet Explorer, he swipes at the top of the screen and nothing happens! So he quickly makes another swipe. A small white box starts to descend from the top of the screen and then disappears. He makes a third swipe. Nothing happens. So he quickly changes topics and moves on!

    So at the historic debut of the Surface, the camera zooms in, the tablet fails, and they quickly try to cover their tracks and hide the fact … same old same old.

    If you want to see it yourself, check it out starting at13:40 in the video. It ends only 2 seconds later at 13:42 (!!!).

    Am I surprised?

    You tell me…
    Trust must be earned. Thirty years of failure is pretty sad and a hard thing to overcome.

    Hey… I think I’ll run right out and buy one of these!