The Nokia Lumia 719 Exists, Has Just Passed Bluetooth Certification

Earlier today, UnwiredView spotted the rumored Nokia Lumia 719 handset on the Bluetooth SIG website. The listing has since been pulled, but here is what it described the Lumia 719 as:

The Nokia 719 is a versatile, well-designed smartphone offering users easy and seamless to make the most of every moment, every day. The social experience features built-in integration of Facebook and Twitter, an intuitive People Hub for optimized communication with contacts, and a 5MP auto-focus camera with HD video recording to capture and share moments with friends and family. With a 3.7″ Clear Black Display, exclusive content from ESPN and Univision, Local Scout + Bing Search, and turn-by-turn navigation via Nokia Drive, the Nokia 719 helps make sure that users never miss out on the information, content, or updates that matter most.

Putting aside the fact that we don’t know what exactly the smartphone is “offering users easy and seamless”, we do know that it will have a 3.7″ display, along with a 5MP, HD (presumably 720p?) camera, and we also know that the phone will be available in Asia, North America, and South America. The few specs that were revealed are similar to that of the Lumia 710; could the 719 be a counterpart of the device for a different carrier in the U.S. (i.e AT&T)? It could also crop up to be a mid-range phone, with the same form factor as the 710 but slightly better specifications, pitting it in between the 710 and the 900 in performance.

In December, the phone was rumored to be unveiled alongside the Lumia 900. As of now, only the Lumia 900 has been announced, but we can likely expect to hear an official announcement about the Lumia 719 come the Mobile World Congress (which, let me remind you all, is also the event where Microsoft is set to drop the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Woot.)

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