Smoked By Windows Phone Ignites Into A Digital Ad Campaign

Remember the Smoked by Windows Phone campaign, where Microsoft’s Ben Rudolph headed to CES, challenging smartphone users to tasks to see which phone can complete them the quickest? Starting today, Microsoft is debuting a new digital ad campaign showing off the many victories — Windows Phone won 88% of the time at CES (95% if you factor in the California Smoked by Windows Phone tour) — in 15 to 30 second segments. Among the sites that the ads will be shown on are Forbes, CNET, Entertainment Tonight,, and Daily Candy.

Microsoft’s recent, increasingly aggressive advertising approach against competitors has been quite entertaining. What I like — and what I think people will like — about this particular campaign, however, is that, unlike the Gmail man and Googlighting videos, Microsoft is attacking the products of its competitors by showing how their own products are better. The videos attacking Google, however, are exaggerated (but I found them funny, with a true underlying message.)

If YouTube comments are any metric of public reception, the feedback of Smoked by Windows Phone has been far more positive than that of the recent Googlighting video. Also, speaking of YouTube, the videos of the challenges have been viewed over 500,000 times. This is one of the few genuinely cool ad campaigns produced by Microsoft, and it would be cool if they also produced a “Smoked” television commercial. And if Ben goes on a coast-to-coast Smoked By Windows Phone tour.

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