Skype for iOS Updated, Pre-release Program Announced

Skype has been updated for iOS on January 14, and per a blog post on Skype Blogs, they have now made it possible to quickly search for contacts and start conversations quicker via an update to the chat picker.

According to the post, the following two enhancements are part of the latest update:

In Skype 5.9 for iPhone, when you start typing a phone number in the dial pad, Skype will suggest contacts with matching phone numbers, making it faster to find who you want to talk to.

We’ve also updated the new chat picker to make starting conversations easier. Once you’ve chosen who you want to talk to, tap the phone or video icon at the top to start your call. (To open the chat picker, tap on the message icon on the bottom navigation bar when in the recents, favorites or people view.)

In other news from Skype, they announced a pre-release program for Skype enthusiasts. This program, for which you have to sign up here, gives access to early release of the software. This of course in based on the assumption that the enthusiasts will provide feedback so Skype developers can tweak the functionality before releasing to a wider audience.

You can help us shape your skype experience by:
* Trying out some new or upgraded features (don’t worry we’ll let you know what’s new) and tell us about your experience after doing so
* Giving us feedback and suggestions on what you would like to see in the app in the future
* Letting us know of any issues that you run into while using this previewed version

Per the blog post, there program has a limited number of spots, so if you are a Skype enthusiast, hurry up and enroll.

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