SkyDrive TV Commercials Soon; No Official Android App Anytime Soon
By on May 2nd, 2012

Microsoft recently updated their SkyDrive service to include a bunch of new features. They introduced apps for Windows and OS X, updated their iOS apps, made the service more like Dropbox and introduced support for more Office file formats. Microsoft engineer Dharmesh Mehta says with all these features it is time the company went “loud” about the service, I agree.

In an interview with Pocket-Lint’s Chris Hall, Dharmesh Mehta outlined some future plans regarding SkyDrive. Two key plans that were mentioned are:

  • Microsoft doesn’t plan an official SkyDrive app for Android
  • SkyDrive TV commercials in 6-9 months

Mehta explains that Android users can use the web version of SkyDrive on their phones and that the company has APIs for developers to build SkyDrive functionality in their apps or develop third party clients. I am not sure if I agree with the approach; if the company has the pieces to build an app, they might as well do it. Google Drive and Dropbox are options for Android users as of now, going forward, Google Drive will be deeply integrated. Having presence on both the two largest mobile platforms can only benefit Microsoft; they have a Hotmail app for Android, as such, it would be great if the company had a SkyDrive app to complement it.

Close watchers of Microsoft and SkyDrive will know that Microsoft has been placing SkyDrive in TV shows, adding TV commercials to the mix will definitely be going “loud” regarding SkyDrive.

Dharmesh Mehta assures Hall that the team isn’t done and they have a lot more to talk about in coming months.

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