SkyDrive To Offer Native Windows and OS X clients, Paid Storage Upgrades

Portugese blog GEMIND managed to snag some screenshots of an upcoming SkyDrive update that has both tiered, paid storage upgrades, as well as a blurb promoting proper SkyDrive clients for both Windows and OS X (in the same area where, visiting SkyDrive now will show a promotion for the new iPhone and Windows Phone clients.)

There are going to be three paid tiers of SkyDrive that each offer additional storage on top of the 25GB that is available for free. Here’s the list, along with USD pricing:

  • 20GB — $10 / year
  • 50GB — $25 / year
  • 100GB — $50 / year

With both desktop clients and storage upgrades in the SkyDrive oven, this surely means that the discontinuation of Live Mesh is imminent. There’s absolutely no reason for Microsoft to not succeed Mesh with SkyDrive; if they’re going all-out in the cloud, Mesh’s 5GB storage cap is far too low. Not only that, but it’s an unnecessary product; its discontinuation is a necessary simplification of Microsoft’s product line. If Microsoft implements an iCloud-esque backup solution in Windows Phone that backs up to SkyDrive, that — based on user preferences, of course — can sync photos, contacts, and documents to the web and to devices, Microsoft would have a 20GB advantage over iCloud.

On top of these upgrades, let’s hope that the Windows Live guys are working on a colossal redesign of the Windows Live services (for example, if SkyDrive’s photo sharing abilities was as beautiful as say, Droplr, I would definitely use it regularly for posting images to Twitter.)

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