SkyDrive Axes Email Publishing Functionality

“Email publishing” — a feature which allows you to publish photos directly to SkyDrive via email — will be discontinued after April 2012 according to an email sent out by Microsoft. The feature, which made its way into SkyDrive from the long-deceased service Windows Live Spaces (rest its soul) allows you to directly publish photos to SkyDrive via email.

Basically, you authorize up to three email addresses to send the photos from, and each SkyDrive album would be assigned an email address (in the [email protected] format.)

I don’t think that this feature would be too missed; until today, I had no idea about its existence at all. In lieu of the demise of email publishing, however, we can all look forward to the massive SkyDrive update which is set to roll out sometime soon. This update is set to introduce desktop clients for both Windows (on Windows 8, an awesome Metro SkyDrive app is available) and OS X, an increased upload size limit, paid storage capacity upgrades, offline functionality, and SkyDrive browsing of remote files, among other things. With Google Drive on the horizon, along with other existing cloud platforms (i.e Dropbox), it’s good to see SkyDrive keeping things competitive. And with the introduction of desktop functionality, it seems like the service may be a worthy competitor to iCloud in terms of an ecosystem cloud utility (let’s just hope for some awesome Windows Phone 8 integration.)

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