Better Open Office Support and Skydrive Android App Shown

Yesterday Microsoft pushed a major UI upgrade for SkyDrive. Among some improvements and a Metro modern interface, the SkyDrive team showed screenshots of the SkyDrive Android app. The app isn’t available just yet but the cross-platform support for SkyDrive makes the service a stronger competitor to popular Dropbox, and Google Drive.

The screenshots shared by the SkyDrive team show that Microsoft has brought Metro modern SkyDrive interface while conforming to Android’s design elements, like they did with iOS. Here are the screenshots shared by Microsoft:

According to Gartner, Android makes up for 64% of the smartphone market with Samsung being the most popular vendor. Given the scale of iOS and Android, SkyDrive being available on both platforms is probably one of Microsoft’s smarter decision for SkyDrive’s future.

In addition to the Android app, the modern SkyDrive has an option that should make several open source enthusiasts happy. Under SkyDrive settings, Microsoft allows users to toggle the default Office file format. The options available are:

  • Microsoft Office’s .docx, .pptx, .xlsx
  • Open Document’s .odt, .odp, .ods

When looked along with cross-platform support, making this option prominent is a bold step for Microsoft. Not only does this expose users to an alternative, it also lets a lot of users escape Microsoft’s ecosystem. The Office suite has helped Microsoft’s bottom line and giving users the option to switch is a dicy situation. Nonetheless, the option makes SkyDrive a very interesting option for all users given the new & improved Office Web Apps.

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