Sea Ray Might Explain Nokia & Microsoft’s Special Relationship

When Stephen Elop demonstrated the Nokia N9, I was excited. That hardware powered by Windows Phone 7 would’ve been a great product, lo and behold, in a staged/controlled/uncontrolled/accidental leak we now have a modified Nokia N9 running Windows Phone 7 as a product.

The N9 has been modified by adding a dedicated camera button on the side and the positioning of the flash. Nokia N9 has a front camera and supports NFC. Both these features are part of Android and the iPhone but missing from Windows Phone 7 devices. Stephen Elop has been talking about a special relationship between Microsoft & Nokia with Nokia being able to offer differentiating options. Elop was clear that Nokia’s first WP7 devices will be running Mango.

The video doing rounds doesn’t show the full device and there is significant space next to the front camera for the 3 WP7 buttons. NFC based devices from Nokia could be a compelling feature in Nokia’s handsets.

A front camera and NFC support along with all that Mango is already known to add, Microsoft won’t be playing catch-up any more.

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Manan Kakkar

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