[Screenshots] Microsoft Details Their Windows App Store

Not long ago, I spotted the Windows App Store tile during a Windows 8 demo. It confirmed what we knew was coming—a Windows App store. During the BUILD conference at Anaheim, CA, Microsoft demonstrated the process and how a developer can get his application to the store.

One of the key features of the App Store is a simple  implementation  by Microsoft that will bring already available non-Metro regular-Windows apps to the store. As an example cited by Sinosfky, several developers already sell applications through their websites and have different pricing or licensing models. Microsoft wants these developers to leverage the app store and developers can have entries for the apps like any new app but instead of having a buy option within the app store, the user can be directed to the developer’s website. Screenshot:

For apps that will be sold through the Windows App Store, everything is the same except added options to try or buy. Screenshot:

For new developers, submitting an app to the marketplace is a simple process. Microsoft’s IDE—Visual Studio—will have a new option in the menu calles “Store”. This will direct the developer to MSDN app portal to fill in details about the app. Screenshot:

The developer can set the price, enable a trial version and other meta information:

Once done, the developer will be shown where their app is in the submission process. Microsoft stressed on their “openness” regarding the app submission process and said that they will make tools available for developers to verify their apps for potential failure points during the approval process.

The Windows App Store itself looks exactly like the Zune Marketplace. Screenshot:

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