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Office Web Apps Get A Metro Facelift

Last week Steve Ballmer unveiled the next version of Microsoft’s Office suite and as it turns out that wasn’t all the Office news for the week. With 50 Million users and negligible press love, we can now try out the Metro Office Web Apps version. The team has announced a preview for the upcoming changes introducing new features and the cleaner Metro UI.

The update makes Office Web Apps look like an extension of Office 15 and a part of Windows 8. The metro interface for Office Web Apps looks gorgeous; some of the new features introduced across Office Web Apps are:

  • Different UIs that are focused on mouse and touch
  • Co-authoring
  • Mobile optimized UI
  • Discussions through comments
  • Various performance enhancements
  • Picture and drawing tools

Here’s a quick look at the new Metro Office Web Apps:


OneNote has remained the same with search being the new addition.


New features include the ability to manipulate paragraphs and pages that will reduce the reliance on Office desktop. Some of these features are changing page size, indentations, Word count, and orientation.


New features include adding animations, transitions and viewing embedded videos.


Excel is one of those tools that organizations cannot live without. New features have improved working with data considerably. According to Microsoft’s blog post some of the key feature additions are:

  • New slicers
  • PivotTable editing (this is awesome)
  • Better charts
  • Excel Surveys

You can try the new version by heading to and accepting the invitation or by heading here.

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