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By on July 16th, 2012

Microsoft just announced the consumer preview of Office 2013/Office 365 (Download Office 2013 Consumer Preview) which includes a new metro interface and also several other interesting new features and changes which you can read about in our Office 2013 features post.

While Office 2013 is designed keeping and the new Metro UI, that Microsoft has been using for most of its products, in mind, it will also work on and . However, if you are someone like me,  you might now like the Metro interface on Windows 7.

I was able to download the Office 2013 preview and use it for an hour or so. Office 2013 preview has Word 2013, PowerPoint 2013, Excel 2013, Outlook 2013, OneNote 2013, Access 2013 and Publisher 2013 included in the bundle. While not much has changed since the earlier announcement of Office 15, here is a screenshot tour of the new Office 2013.

New Splash Screens

All Office 2013 products sport a new splash screen which goes follows the standards of the Metro UI.

PowerPoint 2013 Splash Screen Outlook 2013 Splash Screen

OneNote 2013 Splash Screen Excel 2013 Splash Screen

Word 2013 Splash Screen

Word 2013 Preview

When you open up Word 2013 you will see all the recent documents you opened in the left hand menu and the available document templates in the right pane. You can also open other documents from the main interface. Clicking on the “open other documents” will take you to a page where you can also open documents from your SkyDrive account or Office365 SharePoint account if you add it.

Word 2013 Home Page

Word 2013 Open Other Documents

Word 2013 provides users with several pre-installed templates which can be used to create new documents including blank documents, family calendar and blog posts. The menu interface of Word 2013 (and other Office apps) are similar to those of Office 2010. However, in Office 2013 you will find a more metrofied version of the menu.

Word 2013 New Document/Blog Post

Excel 2013 Preview

Excel 2013 Home

Excel 2013 New Spreadsheet

PowerPoint 2013 Preview

PowerPoint 2013 Home

PowerPoint 2013 New Presentation

Outlooks 2013 Preview

Outlook 2013 Home

Outlook 2013 Account Home

Outlook 2013 Calendar

OneNote 2013 Preview

OneNote 2013 New Notebook

OneNote 2013 Clipping Tool

Overall Office 2013 does not look like a major refresh from the Office 2010 interface except for the heavy use of Metro UI. However, there are several new and interesting features in Office 2013 which make it a solid upgrade. You can read about all the features in Office 2013 in our post: Office 2013 features and updates. You can also Download Office 2013 Consumer Preview right now.

What are your thoughts about Office 2013? Do you like it or hate it? Would you have preferred a non-metro interface for office? Do let us know through your comments.

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