Nokia Windows Phones Outsell Nokia Symbian Devices

In the UK, Nokia devices running Windows Phone have outsold Nokia devices running the older Symbian OS, reports Bloomberg. The difference isn’t by much; according to a research report conducted by Kantar Worldpanel — a research report based on interviews with mobile phone purchasers over three months, ending on Feburary 19th — 2.5% of UK phone buyers purchased a Nokia Windows Phone over the 2.4% who went with a Symbian device.

Something more alarming from this statistic is how small the numbers are in the scheme of things. In a place like the UK, where Nokia’s Lumia handsets are being marketed quite aggressively (at least compared to the US right now), 2.5% isn’t exactly a thrilling figure. Nokia’s lineup is hardly biting into the market share of the established Android and iOS platforms.

Interestingly enough, Kantar also notes that the Lumia 800 is responsible for 87% of Windows Phone sales in Europe altogether. While it’s nice to see people choosing a real OS over Symbian, it’s still disappointing to barely see Windows Phone in the rearview mirror of iOS and Android.

Back here in the US, we have the Nokia Lumia 900 to look forward to. But I’m even more excited about Apollo-based handsets; perhaps once it launches, Microsoft, along with manufacturers would greatly up their efforts to both develop quality devices and market the platform as a whole.

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