Nokia Offers Free Hotel Rides For CES Attendees In Metro Tiled Buses

Earlier today the New York Times published a two-page write up on the design brilliance of Windows Phone 7. Not appreciated for their software designs, the New York Times article tries to make the point that with Windows Phone 7, Microsoft has turned a new leaf. Within the article was information about the launch of Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone 7 device—Lumia 900. Picked up by several websites, the NYT says Nokia will unveil the Lumia 900 at CES. The phone will sport a sleek metallic body, 4.3″ screen and 8MP camera. The phone will be sold via AT&T and will be at the center of the $2 Million marketing push planned by Microsoft and Nokia. As part of the promotions planned, AT&T representatives will be given incentives for promoting the new range of Windows Phone 7 devices, something that Microsoft should’ve done at Mango’s launch.

All this brings me to Nokia’s presence at CES 2012 happening at Vegas. Microsoft’s Ben Lower who reached Vegas shared on Twitter Nokia’s early bird promotions for their announcements. Nokia is offering free bus rides to attendee hotels at the airport. The buses covered in Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 Lumia art work have some rather catchy captions. According Lower, Nokia is also demonstrating the devices to attendees. Images courtesy Ben Lower:

While I am travelling India, Keith, Parth and Romit from Techie Buzz will be at ground zero to bring us hands-on coverage of the event.

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