Nokia Hosting Lumia 900 Launch Party In NYC

Considering the fact that AT&T plans to heavily promote the Lumia 900 — which is internally referred to as a “hero” device by the carrier; a term given only to other highly-touted devices including the iPhone — it should come as no surprise that Nokia will be hosting a special event to celebrate the launch of the device, according to a tweet.

Taking place in Times Square at 7PM “sharp” on Friday, April 6th, the event will feature a live performance from a yet-to-be-revealed special guest. WPCentral points out that the countdown on the Nokia Smartphone Beta Test website counts down to this date exactly. Looks fun!

To elaborate on the “hero” label internally assigned to the Lumia 900, it essentially means that it will be AT&T’s touted flagship device; Nokia, Microsoft, and AT&T will be spending up to $200 million on getting the device marketed to consumers.And, on top of “conventional” advertising, Nokia have also struck a deal with AT&T where they will be paying the company to provide the Lumia 900 to employees at no cost.

This is pretty much the first time that a US carrier has taken Windows Phone this seriously, and it should be interesting to see how it impacts the Windows Phone platform (and the Lumia 900 itself, of course.)

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