New Images And Details Of Microsoft’s Tablet – Courier

For some reason it doesn’t seem to be a coincidence that the day Apple announces it’s plans for the iPad availability, new images of Microsoft’s tablet concept Courier are leaked. The Courier is not an on-paper product, there is a working prototype named Codex within Microsoft Research. Microsoft Courier is a two-screened journal like device that folds pretty much like one. Following are the specs of the device that are known as of now:

  • A bit bigger than 5×7 when closed
  • Built-in camera
  • Head phone jack
  • Based on Windows CE (that’s what is beneath Windows Phone 7 Series, Zune)
  • Processor: Tegra 2
  • Availability Q3/Q4

Here are some of the images that Engadget received:

Microsoft tablet Courier interface

Microsoft tablet Courier interface

Microsoft tablet Courier interface


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