Microsoft Will Host A Windows Phone Developer Summit In San Francisco

As Steve Ballmer has succinctly expressed on stage, Microsoft is a company that’s big on its developers. While Windows Phone is certainly doing reasonably well at getting people to create apps for the platform — at least on a quantity level — Microsoft still has to work towards bringing over even more quality, popular developers and apps to the platform in order to better sway people from purchasing iOS and Android devices. With key applications such as Instagram still not on the platform, people may be less eager to give it a shot.

That being said, they are actively working to solve this problem, and, to help spread the word about why developers should jump on the Windows Phone bandwagon, they will be hosting a special developer summit in San Francisco, on June 20th-21st. It’s a pretty interesting location choice; it appears that Microsoft is trying to reach out to the Silicon Valley crowd, which is a pretty awesome thing.

If Microsoft could get more and more quality app developers on board to the platform — in terms of both existing apps that can be ported and new apps that are being developed with great potential — then I think that this huge app issue that many consumers surely face will be solved. June is definitely cropping up to be a busy month for developers; on top of the Windows Phone Developer Summit, Apple’s WWDC and the Google I/O events are also going to be happening.

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