Microsoft Updates WP7 OS X Client, Brings Ringtone Support

Over the thanksgiving weekend while everyone was updating their parents’ browsers, Microsoft rolled out an update for Windows Phone 7’s OS X client. On Windows, Zune is the client; on OS X, Microsoft has a no-frills & simple sync client. According to the details shared on Apple’s App Store, the new update has a couple of feature additions. With Windows Phone 7 Mango, Microsoft introduced custom ringtone support and now OS X users can add ringtones to their WP7s without Zune. The ringtones need to be less than 39 seconds and no more than an MB.

The update log says 13 additional languages are now supported by the client and that there is drag and drop support for the Browse window. I am not entirely sure if these are new additions. The WP7 Mac client has had Aperture support for a while in addition to iTunes and iPhoto sync.  Aperture is an image editing software by Apple for photographers. The update log:

Some screenshots:

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