Microsoft To Announce Minecraft For Xbox 360 Release Date Tomorrow

While we’ve known for some time that Minecraft for Xbox will be launching sometime this year, no official release date has been released by either Mojang or Microsoft. That will all change tomorrow, however, as Microsoft will be announcing the release date of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. Aptly named to differentiate it from the PC version, we know little about it apart from what was announced at E3 last year: There will be some Kinect functionality, and there would be some sort of cross-functionality between the Xbox 360 console version and the PC.

It will be interesting to see how this cross-platform functionality will be implemented. Will there be a specific server setting, or server type that is open to both Xbox 360 and PC players? How will communication work? Surely they’d have to implement voice chat as most Xbox gamers won’t have a keyboard. I’m sure that these concerns will be resolved with the release though; if they’re selling the game on the Xbox with any kind of multiplayer functionality, I don’t think people would be too happy if they can’t play with friends on the PC.

PlayXBLA, the Microsoft blog that’s tailored towards Xbox Live Arcade games will be publishing the release date first. And to celebrate the launch, they will also be giving away two custom Minecraft-styled Xboxes.

If the Xbox version of the game really is fully-functional with cross-functionality, perhaps I may bring my Minecraft escapades to the big screen.

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