Microsoft Sues Russian Over Domain Name

Brand protection is always something that large companies invest in, so it should come to no surprise to us that Microsoft is engaging in legal proceedings against Russian businessman Dmitry Shapovalov over “using the Windows trademark” in the domain name The domain — registered in October of 1998 and paid off until 2012, according to Whois — is privately registered and paid off until the November 1st, 2012. The Moscow Commercial Court will hear the lawsuit on April 11th.

RAPSI — the Russian Legal Information Agency — reports that Microsoft stated that the company owns the rights to the Windows trademark, though Shapovalov’s attorney labeled their claim as “unclear”.

The Next Web has reached out to Microsoft for comment, and are yet to update their post with a response. Funnily enough, the domain is currently forwarded to the Russian Wikipedia entry for a physical, actual “window”. I did search for a cached version of this website on Google to no avail; does anyone have any idea as to what (if anything) this site was in the past?

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