Microsoft Shows Off Spindex Social Aggregator

Microsoft FUSE (Future Social Experiences) has unveiled Spindex – a service they like to term as the impossible project”. Spindex is a social aggregator that pools data from Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, RSS, and Bing. In Microsoft’s own words, Spindex allows you to “communicate with your friends wherever they are”, quickly spot “what’s new, what’s popular” and “see personalized trending topics”.


If the official description didn’t catch your fancy, then I don’t blame you. At first glance, Spindex seems to be awfully similar to at least a dozen other content aggregators out there. In fact, the screenshot on its homepage instantly reminded me of Threadsy. However, Microsoft promises that Spindex is not just a social reader. Apparently, it has an algorithm that will scan your social data and try to make sense of it. I am not sure as to what they mean by that, but let’s hope it’s not just typical PR mumbo jumbo. Because, unless Spindex has some real innovation behind it, it may flop like numerous other Friendfeed copycats.

[ Visit Spindex.Me ]

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