Microsoft Shows Surface 2 At CES 2011
By on January 6th, 2011

During the CES 2011 press conference and Steve Ballmer’s keynote Microsoft showcased their next version of the Microsoft Surface. The new Surface has two major improvements over its predecessor:

  1. The table is no more the big block but has four legs and a tablet top with the rest being hollow
  2. Surface now supports Pixel Sense

Pixel Sense is the technology that has allowed Microsoft to make the Surface 2 slimmer. Each pixel on the Surface 2 acts like a infrared camera that allows infrared sensors throughout the screen. Surface 2 has been developed along with Samsung and is also known as Samsung SUR40. From what is known, the new Surface is powered by AMD. Here’s the CES 2011 demo of Surface 2:

(Sorry about the lack of audio.)

A more comprehensive video from Samsung showing the features of the Surface:

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