Microsoft’s Secret Dual-Screen Phone Concept

For those who’ve been following  Microsoft  closely might recollect the translucent dual screen phone shown in the  awe-inspiring  Office Labs Vision 2019 video. Last year I came across a patent application where Microsoft described the concept . In another application I found months before the details on the phone shown in the Office Labs video showed a dual screen translucent remote that showed buttons based on which side was facing upwards.

These two patents bring me to a new application on dual screen phones. While I’m not optimistic that we will be seeing this particular hardware anytime soon, especially from Microsoft, it shows how a translucent dual screen phone with one side being able to change buttons dynamically can take us into the future. This application shows  possibilities  similar to the one presented by the one shown by Office Labs.

Here are some images from the patent application:

Having springs and hinges in a phone isn’t the best hardware design. Too many moving parts, screens and keyboards go loose & the phones are heavy.


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