Microsoft Research Launch their First Game Project on Facebook

Microsoft Research has launched a Facebook game application, Project Waterloo, that allows users to play the two-player turn-based Blotto game with other Facebook users. Project Waterloo has been developed at the Microsoft Research lab in Cambridge.


This engaging and addictive game is played by two players; each has 100 troops at their disposal and needs to allocate those troops among five battle fields. Once both players have allocated their troops, the winner is determined by finding which of the two players has won more battles. A battle is won by having allocated more troops than the opponent. The game is complex from a game-theoretic perspective, and is a great test case for studying actual strategic behavior of Facebook users.

The game is the first release under Microsoft Research’s Research Games‘ project. The project aims to discover the behavior of real people in game theoretic interactions on social networks. While a user tests his mental and perception abilities against his friends, researchers try to understand these behaviors that help develop better models of social and economic activities.

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