Microsoft Release Fifth Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview

On top of Wednesday’s onslaught of Microsoft pre-release software — specifically, the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Windows Server 8 Beta, and Visual Studio 11 Beta — it’s worth noting that Microsoft has bundled the fifth Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview in the Windows 8 CP build (so unfortunately, those of you on Windows 7 who are eager to test this out are still stuck on the second IE10 Platform Preview.)

As expected, one of the main things on the agenda for Internet Explorer 10 is increased HTML5 support. As of the fifth Platform Preview, Internet Explorer 10 has improved its support for the following HTML5 features: Asynchronous script execution, AppCache, drag-and-drop APIs, the file API, forms, history, parsing, sandbox, spellcheck, video, web workers, channel messaging, and WebSockets.

There have also been a number of improvements made to CSS3 support for visual effects — such as 3-D transforms, animations, fonts, gradients, transitions, text, dropshadows — and layout bits like exclusions, regions, grid alignment, multi-column layout, and device adaptation. If you’re a fellow developer interested in Internet Explorer’s upcoming scope of support for the many new HTML5 features, head on over to the developer guide here for a full rundown.

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