Microsoft’s Modern Logo

Those following Microsoft know 2012 is probably Microsoft’s biggest year with the company updating pretty much their entire product range. In addition to new features, Microsoft is giving the products a cohesive face lift. Previously known as Metro, the UI has spread like a virus within the company and is now part of all the products.

One of the major changes with Windows 8 was the product’s new logo. The 4 colors that have become popular due to Windows have been replaced with a single Blue color. Similarly, Office has a new logo too. (Personally, I find the Office logo way cooler than the Windows 8 logo.) Today, Microsoft has unveiled their new brand identity. After 25 years, Microsoft has a new logo:

A few thoughts on the logo:

  • It’s Metro
  • This is the first time Microsoft has the iconic Windows flag as part of the logo (previously it was always just the word Microsoft)
  • As Abhishek Baxi points out, Microsoft gets the 4 colors while Windows is a single color
  • Oddly, the Microsoft logo is a square facing front, Xbox is a circle facing front while Windows and Office are squares facing left
  • The 4 colors seem to have been dulled down, they just don’t seem that bright

The logo is simple and the 4 colors that have been synonymous with Microsoft, given that it makes a lot of sense for Microsoft to adopt it. And giving it the Metro Modern treatment signifies the new look of all Microsoft products.

Janet Tu at Seattle Times broke the story.

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