Microsoft Launches Two New Azure Datacenters

In order to meet the growing demand for Microsoft’s Azure cloud service, the company has announced the immediate availability of two additional US datacenters, both offering “compute” and “storage” resources. Aptly dubbed “East US” and “West US”, the specific locations and sizes of the datacenters were not revealed. However, ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley thinks that the east coast location may be in Southern Virginia — an already announced datacenter location — and the west coast location may be in West Des Moines, Iowa; which was previously picked as a datacenter location by Microsoft.

What about SQL Azure availability? The blog post mentioned that it’s set to be available on these datacenters sometime within the coming months. “These new options add to our worldwide presence and significantly expand our US footprint”, writes Cameron Rogers, who penned the announcement post on the Azure Team Blog. “As some eager customers have already discovered (and deployed!), these new datacenters are now visible in the Windows Azure Management Portal.”

Definitely cool to see that demand is there for Azure, at least in the US to justify two additional datacenters on top of the existing two (the other US datacenter locations are in Chicago and San Antonio.) Microsoft also has datacenters in Amsterdam, Dublin, Hong Kong, and Singapore. All Azure datacenters contain around 1800-2500 servers on average.

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