Microsoft Kicks Off Online Reality Show: Career Factor

Microsoft has been able to able to build a powerful social presence with active twitter and Facebook accounts for product teams. Leveraging this social network presence, Microsoft will be having a online based reality show with 9 contestants.

The 9 contestants with proficiency across Microsoft technologies will be given tasks to complete and everyone can follow their progress online. The show is called Career Factor, first spotted by Joe Wilcox the introductions of the contestants are available on Microsoft Learning’s Youtube page. The show updates can be followed on the Twitter account MS Career Factor.

The show is part of Microsoft’s Born 2 Learn initiative. Links to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles of the 9 contestants can be found here. A forum with sections dedicated to the contestants has been setup as well. While the show won’t be the next Apprentice, the concept is interesting.

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Manan Kakkar

Manan is a technology enthusiast keenly following the consumer products from Microsoft, Google & Apple.