Microsoft India’s Online Store Redesigned, Gets A New Home

With Windows 7, Microsoft unveiled a newly designed online store to complement their brick and mortar stores. The website design is simple, elegant and offers a wide range of products. For quite some time Microsoft India has had an online store at, the URL indicated Microsoft’s intentions behind the website — help consumers buy original Microsoft products. Recently, Microsoft India released an updated store at which now sports ┬áthe same design as the global website. If one was to visit BuyOriginalMS now, they would be redirected to the new website. My first visit to the new website made me cringe. There were three reasons for this:

  • the logo placeholder has wrong dimensions. And this in my opinion is a horrendous blunder on the web designer’s part.
  • the website has no favicon.
  • some pages don’t have proper titles.

The range of products offered is limited and some products haven’t been added yet eg: Xbox 360. The website seems to be a work-in-progress which makes me wonder as to why would they decide to redirect their visitors to an incomplete website. Having said that, I am pleased and excited that Microsoft has localized the global store website for India and is even offering books for purchase. The website lists ‘Computers’ indicating that Microsoft plans to offer crap-ware free OEM PCs in India as well as Windows phones via the website.

One can shop using Mastercard or Visa card. The prices mentioned on the website are exclusive of taxes and delivery charges, products have varying Delivery charges and taxes.

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Manan Kakkar

Manan is a technology enthusiast keenly following the consumer products from Microsoft, Google & Apple.