Microsoft Hosts Free-Time Machine Campaign

Last week, Microsoft set up a teaser website dubbed the “Free-Time Machine”, with a tagline that suggested that all will be revealed on April 9th, the day that the Lumia 900 went live. And, as expected, Microsoft conducted the promotional event on Monday.

To commemorate the launch of two major Windows Phone devices — the Nokia Lumia 900, and the HTC Titan II — Microsoft set up “Free-Time Machine” booths in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago, in which you could win time-saving prizes such as free grocery deliveries, cleaning and dog-walking services, and personal concierges. Or a Windows Phone, which Microsoft touts as “the ultimate time-saving tool”.

On top of these prizes, a celebrity made an appearance in each city as well. Stephanie Izard, a celebrity chef showed up at the Chicago event, 49ers player Vernon Davis showed up at the San Francisco booth, and Kourtney Kardashian took New York and even subtly promoted the phone during an appearance on Fox News. On top of this physical promotion, you can also participate in the fun on the Free-Time Machine website, where you can win a trip to Hawaii, among other prizes.

Nevertheless, here are a few videos which provide a recap of each event in each city:

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