Microsoft Gets Serious About Animated Bing. Looking For UX Designers
By on December 23rd, 2010

At Apple’s WWDC Microsoft showed Bing with animated backgrounds (video below) and with the focus on HTML5 for IE9, Bing is expected to role out some major updates soon. We might see a glimpse during Microsoft’s annual designer conference MIX 2011.

According to a job position that Microsoft is looking to fill in New York, they are looking for a user experience designer who can work with animation tools like TweenMx, motion graphic tools like Flash or After Effects. Yes, the job application mentions Flash (side note: Yuck!) along with the usual web development languages, CSS, HTML etc.

In another job application, Microsoft is looking for a UX Designer who can build mockups, wireframes and prototypes (probably the UX designed by the one who fills the job above?). Here’s the HTML5 version of Bing:

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  • Vivek Parmar

    google will copy it easliy as it is too good in copying. already copied some of the features of facebook

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