Microsoft Fires Two Bing Guys Who Misappropriated Company Assets

According to a statement issued to GeekWire, Microsoft has terminated the employment of Bing marketing executives Eric Hadley and Sean Carver following an internal investigation. Hadley was the general manager of consumer marketing at Bing, while Carver was the director of consumer marketing in Microsoft’s Online Services Division. Here’s what a Microsoft Spokesperson had to say on the matter:

“We can confirm that as the result of an investigation, Eric Hadley and Sean Carver’s employment with Microsoft has been terminated for violation of company policies related to mismanagement of company assets and vendor procurement.”

While we don’t know exactly what they did — the description of their offenses are quite vague, it could have either been a minor or major misappropriation with any possible Microsoft partner(s) — it certainly sounds like a serious offense in either event. AdAge notes that Hadley worked to orchestrate the sponsorship of Jay-Z’s book launch party, along with Lebron James’ “The Decision.”

Business Insider reports that Bing General Manager Mike Nichols will fill the role of the two men in the interim. Microsoft is yet to share additional details on this, nor have they announced whether or not they plan to press criminal charges on the duo.

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