Microsoft Evangelist To Donate $1000 If Web-Celebs Don’t Like WP7

Here’s something you don’t come across often. Microsoft developer evangelist Brandon Watson has decided to put a $1000 on the line if Internet-celebrities give Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 a try.

In a challenge that seems to be his idea, Watson is going after users who’ve had problems with Android and are considering the iPhone. A few hours ago, he commented on the widely-popular comic strip Dilbert’s blog where author Scott Adams ranted about Android’s battery. Watson’s challenge is he will send Scott a Windows Phone 7 developer device (running mango) for Scott to try and if Scott doesn’t like it, Watson will donate a $1000 to any charity of Scott’s choice.

Watson extended this challenge to CNET reporter Molly Wood who complained about having issues with her Droid X. This definitely is a ballsy move and I have to say, Brandon Watson is changing the rules of the game. Unfortunately, Microsoft’s competitors can’t say, “I have the advantage of knowing your habits, my dear Watson.”

Update: Molly Wood has accepted the challenge. And so has Scott Adams.

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Manan Kakkar

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