Microsoft Czech Product Manager: Office for iOS and Android Set for March 2013

While speaking to Czech site IHNED, Microsoft product manager Petr Bobek has apparently confirmed that native Office apps on iOS and Android will be released, starting in March of 2013.

The Verge has translated a press release from Microsoft’s Czech Republic team that basically states that in addition to Windows, Office 2013 will also be available on Windows Phone, Windows RT, OS X, Android, iOS, and, interestingly enough, Symbian. The press release also points out that Office 2013 will be made available to businesses in December, with a consumer launch set for the end of February. Finally, it also mentions that a new version of the Office Web Apps is on the way.

A US Microsoft spokesperson refused to verify this completely, vaguely stating that the company is yet to announce retail availability for the new Office. They also pointed out that the company previously stated that Office Mobile will work across Windows Phone, Android, and iOS.

iOS and Android present a huge opportunity to the Office team to further grow their business. I’ve witnessed many in my Twitter timeline question why these apps haven’t already been released on the two major mobile platforms.

There have been countless rumors in the past of Microsoft developing Office apps for iPhone, so it’s nice to see that it may finally be coming to fruition relatively soon.

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