Microsoft and IDC Forecast Cloud Computing To Create 14 Million Jobs By 2015

A study conducted by IDC — and commissioned by Microsoft — forecasts that spending on cloud computing will generate roughly 14 million new jobs by the year 2015, along with an additional $1.1 trillion per year in business revenues produced by “IT innovation”.

“The cloud is going to have a huge impact on job creation,” says Susan Hauser, Microsoft corporate vice president of the Worldwide Enterprise and Partner Group. “It’s a transformative technology that will drive down costs, spur innovation, and open up new jobs and skillsets across the globe.”

To visually present the information of the study, Microsoft also released an infographic that depicts cloud computing’s role in job creation in the U.S. along with the press release, as you can see above.

With an array of both consumer-focused — such as SkyDrive — and enterprise-focused cloud technologies — such as Office 365, Azure, and its upcoming Windows Server 8 release — Microsoft is certainly no stranger to the industry. And by the looks of things, they have plenty to look forward to in the coming years and cloud computing becomes more and more utilized.

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