Microsoft Accuses Google of “Moonlighting” In New YouTube Video

Microsoft has recently been heavily raging on Google, accusing the search giant of circumventing privacy settings on Internet Explorer and Safari. This isn’t new, however; Microsoft is notorious for quickly jumping and attacking Google, namely for privacy violations. Remember the infamous Gmail Man video that Microsoft created last July for fun? Well, they have created a similar video.

“Googlighting”, released on Monday, is about how Google is a search and productivity company “moonlighting” as a cloud productivity software company. Accusing Google of making rapid changes (and possibly rapid product discontinuation) — “…different, better, or completely gone…” — the video is quite sensationalist. However, is that not the point? It’s an exaggeration of a valid point; if we follow the money, most of Google’s income is from advertising revenue anyways, so they are moonlighting as a technology company. This is the primary, underlying message of the video: Google isn’t really a “technology” company.

While the video does suffer from the type of cheesiness that Microsoft is the master of executing, it’s still a lighthearted, humorous dig at the things that Google is frequently attacked for. If YouTube and blog comments are any indication of public reception though, people are taking away a more negative vibe from the video.

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