Microsoft: A Better Valentines With Office Web Apps & Windows Phone

For Valentines day Microsoft is showing no love for Google. The company’s Why Microsoft blog has shared a video making fun of Google Docs while promoting Office Web Apps. Microsoft’s mildly funny Office Web Apps Valentines video:

Back in 2011, Tony Tai compared Google Docs and Office Web Apps on the Why Microsoft blog

Microsoft is also using Valentines day to promote their Windows Phone devices. On the Windows Phone blog, Michael Stroh has shared a story of a Windows Phone app developer who used a Windows Phone exclusive app (Wordament) for a marriage proposal. The company wants you to Dump Your Droid for a Windows Phone; for this, Microsoft also announced a Twitter promotion where Microsoft will be handing out two Windows Phone devices. The Twitter campaign is aimed squarely at Android owners. Microsoft wants Android owners to tweet why they dislike their Android phones (#DumpingMyDroid). Existing Windows Phone owners can also participate by sharing why they love their Windows Phone devices.

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