Walkthrough Of The Metro Microsoft Account Web Interface
By on July 24th, 2012

As a Hotmail user, everyone got a Live ID. This ID could used with your Zune or Xbox account and was the single identity used across Microsoft’s products. With the introduction of Windows 8, Microsoft is retiring the Windows Live brand and going forward, the Live ID will be known as your Microsoft Account. It will also be used for logging into Windows 8 which makes the rebranding critical.

For a while, Microsoft enthusiasts have been waiting for Microsoft to start rolling the web interface for this new identity. As it turns out, Microsoft has flipped the switch. Here are the Metro Microsoft Account screenshots.

First up, the icon:

Now the account pages:

The more interesting Billing section:

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  • Im Lost Please Help

    at this moment in time the only way i can view my emails is to click on “edit name” under the Overview tab then it takes me to the old UI which has the hotmail tab. is there a more direct way to get to your inbox.

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