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Machine Gun Kelly Performs at Microsoft Store, Gets Escorted Out By Police

Microsoft Stores are often associated with performances by artists as the company usually gives away tickets to such events to accompany new store launches. However, when a Microsoft Store in Atlanta served as an event hosted by The Source which featured Machine Gun Kelly — an upcoming rapper — things got a bit crazy.

After shouting profanities like “fuck these computers…” and flicking off the audience, he refused to stop performing when Microsoft Store employees urged him to stop performing. He then proceeded to stomp on at least five computers, at which point the staff cut off his mic and the music. He told the staff that he refuses to get down, and demanded that they “play that shit.” The Microsoft Store employees then called the police, who escorted him to a private area at the back of the store.

He tweeted about what happened after the fact, proudly touting an Instagram photo captioned “Who gon’ stop me? You gon’ stop me?” While initially, there was speculation that Microsoft was the one behind the event, they issued a comment earlier today to The Verge revealing that they were simply offering their store as a venue to use, calling the behavior inappropriate for a store environment:

Microsoft tells us that The Source held a private event at the Microsoft Lenox Square Store. “We offer our stores as a venue for the community to use, and this event was not sponsored by Microsoft,” says a spokesperson. “While the artist’s behavior was appropriate for a concert, some of it was not appropriate in a store environment.”

Here’s a video of part of the performance:

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  • Jag Landar

    This is messed up! Microcsoft picked on the little guys and continues with machine Gun Kelly however, MS has bigger fish to fry, its MIcrosoft turn to to feel what they dished out for so many years. and wants to sue Google because they have blocked MS App… now isn’t that funny! If we support the other little guys who have always had our backs and has never invaded our privacy we would be better off as a country and it would set an example not to mess with the pubic over financial gains. Ixquick search engine and Yapmouth social network is a good place to start with.