Linus Torvalds: Microsoft Is Full Of Shit & Lying About Convergence

Over the weekend, Linus Torvalds’s talk at his alma mater—Aalto University in Finland went viral for his sharp and blunt criticism of nVidia for their Linux support. While I wanted to watch the talk, I kept putting it off until the boredom of the slow weekend got to me and I had nothing else to do. So I decided to listening and realized after 10 minutes into the talk that it was boring. I fast forwarded by 20 minutes and it got entertaining.

Around 40 minutes in, someone mentioned to Linus that both Linux and GitHub were accidental, so what’s the next “accidental” project Linus has in mind. Linus started answering the questioning by talking about mobile and desktop kernel convergence, mentioned Apple’s 2-OS approach, said Microsoft has the same approach and BAM! Linus said Microsoft was lying and they’re full of shit. After a boring day I finally laughed out.

According to Linus, Microsoft is not converging the mobile and desktop OS with Windows 8 which technically might be true as of now but is strategically incorrect. Time and again there have been reports of Microsoft working on unifying the underlying tech in Windows and Windows Phone, and Apollo is expected to be the first step towards that goal. You can watch Linus calling out technology giants (and showing nVidia the finger) below:

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